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Black Belt Home Study Course

World's Original Authentic Ninjutsu
Instructors Home Study Course

Incredibly, this is the #1 world best-selling
Ninjutsu training method for 15 years straight!

Do not be fooled by non-certified made up Ninja copycat courses!

Master Richard Van Donk, 10th**** degree BlackBelt

Value Price:$600 Your Price Only 3
easy payments of $128.95 or $379

More than just videos --- A complete learning system.
This course is for Brand New Beginners AS WELL AS
Advanced Martial Artists

With this 10 Video or DVD Distance Learning Course, you'll gain a
PERFECT FEEL for martial arts and learn to be a BlackBelt In Ninjutsu...

You'll punch, kick, and defend yourself like a pro!
People from all walks of life have entered our training from 16 year old high school girls to 60 year old corporate business executives, farmers to stock brokers. From 70 lbs to 320 lbs, even disabled people. Our course may not be for everyone but people worldwide of every diversity have begun the journey for a new life.

Brand new to martial arts? Master Van Donk carefully structured this BlackBelt Course so that a person with NO previous experience can learn it and become a Japan certified BlackBelt in about 3 years. Skilled Martial artists will love it because it is done in a progressive order and they can learn faster at their own pace. These are REAL belts and you will have to EARN them.

SINCE 1989 - Awarding Winning - 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

For ALL Martial Artists: beginner, advanced, and pro.
No previous martial arts skills required.
Own it for just $129.95 per month on the Easy 3 Month Pay Plan ...Call now!
Or -Save even more by paying only $379- Send as a gift...

Home Training Vs. Dojo Training
$379- vs. $3000?

Train whenever you want! Set your own dojo hours! Privacy! Convenience!

Study any level at any time or go in progressive order!

Rewind and Slow Motion your Teacher!

Read what masters and students say on this click here

This is what you get:
10 One hour videos or DVDs at $39.95 = $399.95

Bonus Items FREE!

  • Shodan (175 page) Manual @ $34.95
  • FREE- Japanese Phrases Audio @ 9.95
  • FREE- Ranking Registration @ 125.00
  • FREE - ABD 1 year Membership @ 30.00
  • AB Online Forum Members Only FREE!

A life of fun and safety - priceless!
Total Value = $600.85 +
Your Price Only $379.00
Save at least $221.15

From the desk of Richard J. Van Donk, 10th Dan****
American Bujinkan Dojo's Mastering Ninjutsu Programs
P.O Box 296, Middletown, Ca 95461

Dear Martial Arts Friend,
From the time I was a young boy of about seven and saw a movie with black garbed warriors defending their homeland I was intrigued with the ninja and I vowed to one day learn to have the same powers and magic that those shadow warriors held secret. I wanted to be one of them: to be more aware than the average man, to be masterfully skilled in defensive combat, to be so elusive that I could hide in plain sight and to be so stealthful that no one would even notice when I chose to strike or had to complete a mission - and most important of all, to be a protector of my family, friends, and community against any evil or wrong doing. I didn't just dream of being an okay ninja of course, but of being a strong, respected ninja leader and a hero of sorts. The ninja were my heroes; they were the best of the best at everything. People told me that it wasn't true, that there were no ninjas and even if there were, it wasn't possible for me to be one. A part of me would not listen to them. I kept my dream alive. My secret dream was to be accepted for ninja training in a hidden mountain village deep in Japan, a secret elite training camp where morning, noon and night I would be trained by some of the best warriors in the world in the arts of self defense, weapons mastery, stealth tactics, body conditioning, mind states control and obtaining deep spiritual integration. I dreamed of running and climbing obstacle courses, doing group weapons trainings in the courtyard, and mastering perseverance over my mind and body. And after earning the trust and respect of my teachers I would take vows and leave as a skilled warrior with spirit, heart, and diversity, ready to accomplish anything I chose in life. Dreams such as this don't go away, they linger in the subconscious until some kind of action takes place and at some level fantasy becomes reality. Over time this dream of mine manifested itself into three decades of training - in Karate, Eskrima, Jujutsu, Akijutsu, Taekwondo, special forces training, and over 25 trips to Japan to train in sword and taijutsu with Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi, keeper of the true Ninja lineages. Although the actual hidden mountain training camp did not exist as I had imagined it, he took me in and gave me the training I had yearned for. And not only did I receive the blessings and trust of my teachers (especially Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi), but also their certified encouragement to share my knowledge with others throughout the world. I am sure that you, like me and many others, would like to experience the kind of intensive training I once dreamed of. Since many people are not ready or prepared to seek out this art in Japan, I have designed this distant learning program packed full of information that you cannot get anywhere else. I am bringing it to your door and offering you a way to experience the art of the Ninja for yourself. You won’t be alone as people all over the world are studying with you. They are doing it and you can too. Our online Members Only training forum will help you with any training questions you have since high level Blackbelt instructors are there waiting to help you. We have camps and seminars where you can come have fun and expand on your skills. Besides my one on one Personal Mastery Weekend Events where you can come learn directly with me I even take students on trips to Japan to train with the legendary Ninja Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi. This is more than a martial arts learning program it is a change in life.

I truly hope you get started right away and experience for yourself the incredible life changes studying this art gives. I look forward to meeting you someday in person.

May you life be blessed in all you do,
Richard Van Donk, Master

Will you follow your dream?
Begin Mastering Ninjutsu Study Today!

A little about Master Richard Van Donk

Martial Arts EXPERT, 35 years experience. He is one of the highest ranking Bujinkan Ninjutsu

Instructors outside of Japan ( 10TH DAN**** SHIHAN SHIDOSHI ). Internationally acclaimed Eskrima Master, black belt levels or above in Karate (2nd degree), Jujitsu (10th degree), Tae Kwon Do, Iaido 2nd degree), Aikido (2nd degree), and BattoJutsu (4th Degree).

Prof. Van Donk was given the rare title of Master in Decuerdas Eskrima from the late Grandmaster Gilbert Tenio.

  • He has journeyed all over the world questing truth, consciousness and bliss. Visited holy places and spiritual people such as the Pyramids in Egypt, Machu Picchu-Peru, India- Satgurus, Dali Lama, Israel-holylands, Stonehenge, Ephesus -Turkey, Mt. Shasta, American Indian holy sites, Japan Mikkyo Temples, Hunas of Hawaii, Ancient civilizations of Palenque, Teotihuacan and several others deep in jungles of Mexico searching and studying aspects of spirituality. Considered a Philosopher by many.
  • Obtained Master Level in such mind therapies as Neurolinguistic Programing / Design Human Engineering. Certified in MassageTherapy, Hypnosis, Breakthroughs and Psychosemantics.
    He's a coach's coach.
  • Founder of Bushindo Life Change Martial Arts, the American Bujinkan Dojos and the Master Self Defense system.
  • Richard teaches in a direct and yet very light hearted way with lots of humor to help people find their truth and center themselves while giving them the tools to empower their lives - while becoming a better martial artist in the process!

The BlackBelt Course ®
In Ninjutsu Distance Learning SuperCourse

You will receive the newest Video Version + 4 FREE BONUS.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Your discount price: only $379. (Individual List price: $600.)

You save $235 by coming direct to the publisher!

Choose the format you prefer:

BlackBelt Course Videos or DVDs + Manual & bonuses: only $379

Own it for just $129.95/ month on the
Easy 3 Month Pay Plan to order

Or Save even more by paying only $379- Send as a gift...
Order by Mail, 24 hr Telephone, or Fax or NOW Online!

IBDA Shidoshi Training Course

Dynamic Sword Course
Coming in early 2010

IBDA Dojo Wealth Building Course
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