Why a Budo Taijutsu Course?

Budo Taijutsu is comprehensive in it’s nature and it’s application. It draws from the Taijustu and wazas of 6 martial arts schools and draws on the conceptual ideas of 3 others. Soke Hatsumihas never codified this body of knowledge into a structure. Nor has he ever listed or spoken out the core principles of these teachings contained within his teachings of Budo Taijutsu. He just demonstrates the art and shares ideas, principles and concepts in the moment or attached to a yearly theme.  

My newly released Budo Taijutsu Course was created to help all Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu practitioners understand all the dynamic relationships of the art. This art has never been defined the way it is in this course. For many students it has been difficult to determine what they are really studying and what is important in that study. One reason is that the training draws from 9 different schools and over laps in it’s concepts in every class. The other is that while concepts are explored they have not been defined all in one place leaving the student to determine for themselves what is useful in the training. This has it’s pros and it’s cons. Many students and instructors have become confused.  What was was needed was AN OVERVIEW TEACHING ON WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT LESSONS AND CONCEPTS IN LEARNING THE ART.

I asked myself and 10 other IBDA instructor the following question:

“What are all the most important lessons of Budo Taijutsu ever taught to me by Soke Hatsumi over the last 25+ years?”

The concpets literally came flying into my brain and at first I wrote them down as bullet points – but then as I went back over the bullet points I received specific exercises on how to share these points with you.

Then I codified all the lessons into a progression of importance to detail it all out for anyone to learn them.

Then I held an event “Perfecting Your Budo Taijutsu”where we filmed these concepts so everyone could have them and study the core principles so they could better their taijutsu. The results turned out so great that I made a study course into 11 DVDs and a 236 page manual + a 70 PAGE Ten Chi Jin Manual – Shidoshi Richard Van Donk notes from 25 years of compiling and studying the Heaven Earth And Man scrolls known as the Ten Chi Jin. This is a $75 bonus value (for real check the price at the store). It is included here in case you are not real familiar with the core teachings of Soke Hatsumi.

Helping Shidoshi Richard Van Donk (15th Dan) in share their master Budo Taijutsu principles in this course with their years of experience are Shihan’s Dan Ordoins (15th Dan), Linda Van Donk (13th Dan), James King (13th Dan), John Owsiak (8th Dan), Carlito Flores (8th Dan); Shidoshi’s Charles Benham 7th Dan, Roman Marquez, 7th Dan, James Clum 7th Dan, and Shidoshi-ho’s Jamie Daiken (4th Dan) and Theodore Schink (4th Dan). These IBDA instructors have all trained with me (and others) and have been to Japan to train in the hombu dojo directly with Soke Hatsumi. You have to agree that this adds up to a wealth of experience in budo. Get the best of what they have learned in the arts presented to you. Get started and enjoy this training.

It rocks and everybody so far loves it. If this interests you get it now as it is $100 off until about Sept. 25th. http://store.ninjutsu.com/budo-taijutsu-course/

Enjoy the arts.

See you on the Mat,

Richard Van Donk, Shidoshi




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