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What’s Inside the Ninjutsu Master Course Package?

7 Complete Courses! Includes 43 Dvds, 14 Cds, 6 Manuals, 2 Books, 1,782 study pages, 4 Patches, 3 certificates, 9 years of the Ninja Vault and 2 great Personal Training bonuses!

I am an ALL-IN type of guy when I decide to do something. To me if it is worth doing at all then it needs to be done well and without compromise – especially if I am going to be spending a lot of my time doing it. So I want all the information that I can get on the subject so that I can master it for myself. If you are like me then this course may be for you.

The Ninjutsu Masters Course is the result of me going ALL-IN for over 25 years to study with my teacher Soke Masaaki Hatsumi in Japan and taking endless notes and massive research to codify his Ninja teachings. These are my study materials and I offer them to you in an ALL IN ONE Package. So here it is….. Everything you need to study to achieve the level of Godan – 5th degree BlackBelt with IBDA. And this includes my Shidoshi Teacher Training Course and some advanced weapons training. It even includes my own personal training notes on the original Shidoshi teachings called the Ten Chi Jin(Heaven, Earth and Man).

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Richard Van Donk, Shidoshi

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