West Virginia Seminar
Aug. 19th & 20th 2006

15th Dan Master Richard Van Donk teaches you the "POWER of the BLADE" - Sword, and Knives, Ninja Sword, Traditional Iaido (drawing) and Eskrima Blade Power!!

Beginners and advanced students are welcome at this World Class Event!!!

Come learn from a True Blade Master. Shihan Richard VanDonk is one of the highest ranking Masters outside of Japan. He is a senior Shihan and personal student of Ninjutsu grandmaster Hatsumi, and an TenShin Ryu Iaido/Battojutsu Senior Shihan of Kancho Machida and an inheriting Grandmaster of DeCuerdas Eskrima. What a rare and unique combination of skills. During this one time seminar, Master Van Donk by special request will share with you the power of the long and short blades, you will learn traditional Japanese sword postures, drawing skills, cutting styles, defending, disarms, master moves and much, much more.

Sign up while there is still room.

Location: Radisson Hotel 1001 Third Avenue, Huntington, WV
Saturday: 9:30am-5pm Sunday: 9:30am-4pm (Rank testing Saturday 4-5pm)
Training Equipment needed: Wooden Sword, Eskrima stick 22-24", wooden knife. Optional: NON-sharp metal drawing blade.

Investment: Only $195 if paid before July 4th, $225 thereafter.

Call Sensei Morris at 606-922-1107 TODAY Or email:



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