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We expect that most of what is now free with just a SMALL one time yearly fee the IBDA membership will in the future become available only as part of our upcoming coaching program and Distance Learning Courses for our actual enrolled students.

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We made this special training area so that students training in our IBDA dojos and those who are enrolled in our Distance Learning Ninjutsu Study Course could meet, hang out and share what they are learning,plus ask other Senseis and Shihans their personal training questions or get more information on the art.

We have many surprises planned.

We have many surprises that will be added in the near future - but more on that later! For now just check out in more detail all that you can have access to for the ridiculously low price of just a yearly IBDA Ninjutsu membership. Yes, in the future there will be even futher in-depth study options available for those that want them  - and who wouldn't with what Shihan  Richard Van Donk will be putting in the vault from his 25 years of collecting teachings!

But we want everyone that loves Ninjutsu to benefit from our years of collecting Ninja knowledge, not just our current students. We love this art like you do and it is only fair to share it. You are most welcome to join our study group by becoming an IBDA member for just one very low yearly price.

In all honesty by making this area available privately only to members we are hoping to get some really dedicated people who truly want the share with others their knowledge and experience of the Ninja/Ninjutsu teachings taught by the late Takamatsu Sensei to the current Soke Masaaki Hatsumi, the inheritor of the 9 schools that now encompass the Bujinkan Dojo. If you are not currently enrolled in the Ninjutsu teachings with us perhaps you will want to enroll after seeing what is in the vault so you can study with us online.

The proof that our system of learning works is that there are dozens of students in the Bujinkan that are now Judan (10th dan) level and above plus hundreds more students that are now above Godan (5th dan) who originally started on the path with Shihan Richard Van Donk. Get in on why they chose to study with us and join today. You can be next in achieving those levels!


The NInja Vault

What's a Ninja Vault? It is exactly what it you would think it would be: a privately kept, secure hidden area filled with information that is accessible only to a select few - our IBDA Ninjutsu Members!

You might be wondering what kind of things would get stored in the Vault.

Well, there are all kinds of cool stuff like free Wallpapers, Video training clips, Audio stories and archives of various Shihan Talks, Photos from some of our Japan trips, photos of Soke Hatsumi, and of Takamatsu Sensei, photos from some Shihan Van Donk Events, Histories, Soke Lineages, Waza lists of the 9 Bujinkan Ninjutsu schools - Togakure Ryu - Gyokko Ryu - Koto Ryu - Takagi Yoshin Ryu - Shinden Fudo Ryu - Kukishinden Ryu - Gokushin Ryu - Kumogakure Ryu and Gikan Ryu, Training Tips, Ninjutsu and self improvement articles, Newsletters, back issues of Shinken Magazine, back issues of Hanako magazine, Archives of Shihan Van Donk, latest news from Japan, and much, much more is being added all the time.

In the Ninja Vault you'll find an incredible library of information just for those who train with us at IBDA. The info in the vault will be constantly added to, so let us know if you have something to add that you think others would like or feel free to let us know what else you would like to see added to our Ninja Vault. Sounds good, doesn't it?

By now you're probably thinking,

Ok, yes,  this sounds really good - but what's it going to cost me?

What is it going to cost to get into the Vault and why?

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Naturally you would be expecting to pay a large monthly fee to join such a great online study group with all these benefits, right?


We have always offered tons of information, pages and pages of information free on our website to everyone so you may be asking yourself why we are now making all this cool stuff available only for our members. It's very simple: we really value the relationships that we have created through our years of teaching. We know what kind of a commitment it takes to persevere and keep training when sometimes it is so much easier to just kick back and take it easy. That kind of dedication should be rewarded.

We really want to give our dedicated friends who want to train in the arts (we're talking about YOU of course) a very special place, an online community where you can go to learn and share with others. We realized we had to charge something to create a worthwhile place for everyone to meet because our vision is for this to be a serious community of people who really want to learn and share, not some kids who just want to talk trash. So that's why we're now charging for access - but yet we're still keeping it so cheap at $40 per year..

If all it takes for you to have that special training resource place you've always wanted to belong to is a small fee of $40 a year that's a bargain! And if $40 a year gets in the way of you being the best Ninjutsu practitioner that you can be, we are truly sorry that you are having such a tough time financially. We know things can get tough, and we wish you all the best in your training and in your life. We truly hope that things get better for you so that you'll be able to have access to the Vault sometime soon!

We're doing our best to help you in your growth, and in turn we really want you to help us grow this VAULT so that over the years the value you get from it keeps increasing. We have major plans for this and we will not give our secrets away until you are inside the vault - and even then you will be surprised at what you are going to get inside. Curious? Of course you are!

Satisfy that curiosity and join us at IBDA right now!

Get everything in the growing Ninja VAULT plus more for only $40 a year- only pennies a day for access to an incredible amount of knowledge!

And remember, even more is being added to The VAULT all the time. By the end of this year the value of all this should definitely be worth $40 per month yet right now it only costs you $40 for the whole year!

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Members enjoy getting their training questions answered in our Ninjutsu Online Training Study Forum.
We also use a forum as one method of studying online. THIS IS A REAL TRAINING GROUP FORUM.

Think of it as a dojo training and as a place to find answers for your current level of study. If you are a beginner and have a question about why you are really having a challenge with how to do a roll or any other aspect of the training for your level, this is the place to go to.

Each kyu level has its own study theme. If you are an IBDA black belt studying the Nidan Gyokko Ryu wazas and are stumped on learning Koku you can go to the Gyokko Ryu area and get answers. Want to learn Sword or Kusari or Meditation? You can find the study section for that subject online on the study forum.


We are now using this forum only to study and share information. I guarantee you that this is not like and will not be like those other forums where all you find is arguing, bitching, moans, complaints or egos being boosted.

If you are tired of forums that are filled with angry immature people who just like to argue and demean other people -including high ranking instructors- then this is the place for you to come.

The internet is full of people bashing each other's training and comparing whose teacher is better than another's. Isn't it a little silly when a student who hasn't even achieved a rank of 7th kyu thinks that they know enough to tell another person they think that what they recommend is better for them than what the person's own 10 dan instructor is recommending for them?

We are not about limiting your legitimate views based on real understanding and actual knowledge at all -that's not the goal. We want people to share their insights and views in training even if they are different from our own. Being able to have real discussions on issues and points of views is part of the process of learning!

What we ARE about is being respectful and having a place where valid training discussions can exist, whether you or I like a point of view or not. At least half of martial arts is about living a better life and overcoming your own battles - the ones between your own two ears especially. Since the internal battles are probably even more important than the external ones let's be respectful in our exchanges with others.

You can come to the online study forum and just learn and watch in the background if that's all you want to do - or even better, become involved in sharing any resources that you feel may help the study group. If you've got something great to share the online study forum is the place to do it! Maybe it is a link to some cool videos or more study information. Maybe you have some cool artwork you've created or NInjutsu lessons or articles to put in the Vault that can then be discussed in the online study forum area.

Now that the forum is in a paid, membership-only area of the website you'll find that the people who post are more serious about their training and sharing and questing for knowledge. They are ton the forum to learn and discuss relevant issues on training. With this kind of Ninjutsu Online Training Group we will all grow faster in the Ninja arts!

Get answers to your questions

Get answers to your questions about the art of the Ninja, Ninjutsu and Budo Taijutsu wazas, the different schools. Have you ever wondered if you were doing a technique right? Well come here and ask an instructor or someone who knows how to do it. The forum is loaded with several years' worth of training information and questions and answers, all yours just for joining and becoming a member now!

Only $40 a year- just pennies a day for 24 hour access to an incredible amount of knowledge! And more is being added all the time so Get in now by Clicking the GIve Me Access Button below to get in the vault in right away.   JOIN RIGHT NOW.

We invite you to join us as an official member of the International Bujinkan Dojo AssociationTM to help spread unity, understanding and peace in the martial arts and into the world in which we live.  And in the future we might even be adding a second level to the membership where you can pay a monthly fee to have access to personal coaching by Shihan Van Donk!

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AN IBDA WALL CERTIFICATE- A beautiful Membership Certificate like the one shown at left. It looks great on your wall and it comes with your name and your ID number on it.


AN IBDA PATCH- An oval shoulder patch for your uniform. International Bujinkan Dojo AssociationTM patch - Beautiful Gold metallic IBDA letters over a white globe with red Bujin circle containing    the Black Bujinkan Kanji. This patch is worn on the left shoulder of your uniform to signify your worldwide Ninjutsu membership.

You get all this for only $40 a year- pennies a day for 24 hour access to an incredible amount of knowledge and information! It's already great and more is being added all the time!

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A place for you to put your individual member information with your contact information and photo will be available in the near future.

*To test for rank with us you must be an enrolled student of an IBDA dojo or enrolled in the IBDA Distance Leaning Ninjutsu Course.

We offer our IBDA students rank certification from Soke Hatsumi's Hombu dojo in Japan.

Learning with our standardized Ninjutsu system helps you understand where you are in the learning process of the Ninjutsu teachings. You will know why you are a at a certain level and exactly what you need to do to reach the next level. All ranking forms and testing requirements are in the IBDA Shodan no Maki Training Manual and in the Ninja Vault. Note: if you plan on testing with us you must be a current paid member of IBDA.

Please note that although there are other Ninjutsu teachers who like to go around and rank other teacher's students after only seeing them briefly for one time, we will NOT rank another teacher's student. We feel that this is wrong and that a good, long term teacher- student relationship is very important for a student's growth in the arts.

If our way of doing things plus the ability to have a standardized system of study for yourself that will be respected wherever you go intrigues you and you think you want to be a part of what we are doing, then by all means you can transfer your studies and testing to a qualified IBDA instructor. We simply require a letter in writing that you wish to do so and that you have informed your previous instructor that you are doing so.



When you test and obtain a rank with IBDA your name and rank will be added to our member's list of achievements.

For only $40 a year- less than 11 cents a day-

you get an incredible amount of knowledge and even more great stuff is being added all the time. Get in now by Clicking the GIve Me Access Button below to get in the vault in right away.   AND JOIN RIGHT NOW!


Join the International Bujinkan Dojo AssociationTM Today!

No membership application is needed for you to enjoy all the IBDA membership benefits unless you are enrolling and training with us as a student and you will be testing for rank with us.


Our goal is to encourage our friends and fellow practitioners to share with each other the learnings and deep, life-enhancing aspects that Ninjutsu offers. Our goal is to build a better community of martial artists that we can all be proud to be a part of. We need your help and dedication to do this so join today and share your knowlege with others who really want to learn. Belong to something worthwhile!

Please read our mission and vision statement below. We also host seminars, camps and hold special members-only sales.

The International Bujinkan Dojo AssociationTM Mission

Our IBDA mission is to provide students and new Buyu friends worldwide with the best knowledge of Ninjutsu / Budo Taijutsu possible directly as it has been taught by Soke Hatsumi through Shihan Van Donk. We offer a solid Ninjutsu standard that you can trust and be proud of. Your rank will have meaning and you will know why you earned it as your rank will be a true measurement of learned knowledge.

IBDA is committed to offering the most comprehensive Ninjutsu training available on the planet!

We start by getting students into the Ninjutsu training as a new life path. Everyone starts at 9th kyu and works their way to mastership. Each person decides for themselves the level and dedication of their journey, but our goal is to bring you all the way.

Our first goal is to bring a student to Shodan (1st degree Black belt) through which they learn a very solid overview of the entire Bujinkan teachings.

Our next goal is to then train them to be a Shidoshi (teacher of the Warrior Ways of Enlightenment) where they learn Budo Taijutsu wazas school by school, and go through a 'How To Teach Martial Arts' course.

At this point we know they are qualified to teach and so we then we help them to get a successful training group or full time dojo started.

From here we can guide them into becoming a Shihan (role model for others) with teachings all the way to Judan.

Shihan Van Donk, himself holding a Menkyo level, is very committed to teaching teachers and to empowering every person he meets to be the very best human being they can be. Watch out for him though - he's a ninja with an ulterior motive! He truly wants to help you to keep going, to never stop improving yourself and to keep encouraging you to be a living example for others to follow - but his hidden agenda is that by doing this he's hoping to help make this world a better place for us all to live!

Bushindo Martial Arts University Mission

Our Bushindo University mission is to encourage all beings on the planet to be more joyfully aware, respectful, responsible human beings thereby creating a world without conflict, a sustainable Earth, a human culture of living kindness, and more unity in the world through harmoniously living our personal diversity.
We do this by offering martial arts, Enlightened Warrior TM teachings, Inner Mastery Seminars, Japan trips, Private sessions, dojo teachings, and other study materials that are designed to help you better your life.

All this - the Ninja Vault, Private Training Knowledge Forum, Membership Certificate, Dojo Listings for Only $40 a year- less than 11 cents a day for an incredible amount of knowledge! And even more is being added all the time. Click Here to be a Member JOIN RIGHT NOW