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In 1569 during the Yeiroku era (1568-1579) in the Funagata Yama (mountain area) of Miyagi, there was a Chinese mountain priest from the Abe family called Unryu (Cloud Dragon), who was an expert in the shuriken, bojutsu, yari, naginata and taijutsu from the Amatsu Tatara Rinpo Hiden Makimono. The Amatasu Tatara scroll was kept by the Abe, Nakatomi, Otomo, and Monobe families (Takamatsu Sensei's family and the Kuki family also possessed a copy). The Dai Nippon Bugei Ryu-Ha gives Unryu's name as Sounryu. He was a wandering Taoist monk, living in Rikuzen Funagawa, not far from Sanroku Mountain. Some historians have said that Unryu came from Hieizaenji Yama in Kyoto. He studied Sessho hiden no jutsu, a system that uses the yari. The Sessho hiden no jutsu is also known as the Juppo sessho no jutsu.
Unryu taught this system with the yari to a samurai from Katakura Kojuro (in Fukushima province) named Ito Ki-i Morisatada (also called Ito Sukesada). Ito was a famous martial artist of that time (1570's) and the founder of the Itto Ryu Kenko Ryu.

The transmission of the Takagi Yoshin Ryu scrolls from Takamatsu Toshitsugu, to Hatsumi Masaaki, took place on a lucky day in the 5th Month Showa 33 (May 1959).


Shoden no Kata
Chuden no Sabaki Gata
Chuden no Tai no Gata
Okuden no Kata
Moguri Gata
Daisho Sabaki Gata
14 techniques
10 techniques
15 techniques
8 techniques
11 techniques
14 techniques

Hon Tai Takagi Yoshin Ryu Jujutsu – Ueno Takaschi (Mizuta line).

The Takagi Yoshin Ryu takes its techniques further than those of Judo and Aikido. When the techniques are applied it is made as difficult as possible for your assailant to escape by rolling and breakfalling. This style of Jujutsu comes from training within a building, unlike other styles which originated outdoors. Therefore the techniques result with the opponent being thrown, locked, or held close to the body due to being inside in a more confined area, instead of throwing him a distance away from you as you could outdoors. In the Takagi Yoshin Ryu you are taught to look at the eyes, and use speed. You are also trained to use your opponent's own weight and momentum against him. One of the techniques taught uses something called Rensa Sankaku (Three Sticks), a movement used as a defense against someone with a sword.

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